Portrait of the Artist

“As an artist, I am compelled to give an honest rendition of the model but also try to capture the personality of the individual. A person’s face in its entire nuance is an endless source of inspiration.”

The Artist

Richard Gaca was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1953. Since a very early age he has been interested in art.

Richard attended various universities and art colleges throughout the country. The main subject matter of his artwork is the human figure and portraiture. He unwaveringly finds the human face intriguing and remains challenged by its diversity. Printmaking is the medium for most of the images. On occasion his artwork is three dimensional.

Richard is married and lives with his family in Keller, Texas.

The Work

“Richard Gaca’s medium is printmaking. Natural light and a setting in nature help him create his images. Time is suspended, if just for a moment, to visually document the inner circle of a particular sitter or subject. The direct, labor intensive method of the process allows Richard to give a unique fresh, less formalized image.

“Richard’s labor intensive printmaking techniques include mezzotint, chiaroscuro woodcut and cyanotype. He uses the mezzotint printmaking technique for his black and white prints. The method has the capability of capturing elusive nuances of value and tonality. It’s a rather unique intaglio method that produces sublime, velvety blacks to radiant highlights.

“For some of his color prints Richard uses the chiaroscuro woodcut technique. With this ancient technique he strives to create a psychological tension that is inherent in the individual. The technique allows him to create an illusion of depth and character.”